Hey guys! I'm Jada Rashawn. A coffee obsessed, professional nanny turned childcare enthusiast, and entrepreneur. 

Did I mention I'm extremely obsessed with coffee?

Most of my professional life has been spent nannying, and helping families find nannies. 
If you’re part of the “what exactly is a nanny” club, don’t feel bad, that was once me too, but continue reading!
There's an entire group of people taking care of some of the worlds wealthiest children all across the world (and when I say "taking care," I don’t mean merely sitting in the living room playing with your child for a couple hours and feeding them goldfish.). We are the ones working tirelessly behind the scenes helping CEOs, doctors, lawyers, celebrities and more do life well both in the home and in the office by caring and raising their children. Nanny life is just that- an ENTIRE LIFE, and it has been mine for the past decade, and is pretty much the heartbeat behind this blog. Here you'll get to learn a ton about me. I'll share my favorite products, tips, resources, etc. and now you'll know why. Much of who I am today is directly connected to my career as a nanny. My business, my style, interests, my ups and downs and the lessons I've learned along the way all somehow circle back to in one way or another to my #nannylife.

Welcome to Jada Rashawn


Nanny and childcare enthusiast ! 

no other nanny

Families hire me to find their nanny because they discover responsible individuals with energy, experience, confidence, and creativity. Our nannies do not take their job lightly at all. You can rest assured that you will find someone not only safe but well equipped for all that this profession brings.

the nanny box

Celebrating and empowering nannies all year 'round with The Nanny Box. It is the first and only lifestyle box for nannies, and the perfect treat to their self or gift from their employer. 

television segments

Whether I'm playing around in paint, or raving about a new product discovering that I love, watch me on ABC as I share fun and valuable resources beneficial to families, and caregivers!