Thank you for stopping by my page! My name is Jada Pickett (not Pinkett), and I am a twenty-something the Nanny Placement Specialist, child care expert and lover of coffee.  I am the founder of No Other Nanny, a customized child care service that helps clients determine their child care needs from finding a professional nanny to discovering the best products and resources for their entire family.

Did I mention I'm extremely obsessed with coffee?

Despite giving me a name that is so very close to the well known actress Jada Pinkett, my mother gave me my love for nannying.  Her heart in childcare began with us. From the time she gave birth to us, to when she began homeschooling my three siblings and I several years ago. She also served in the sunday school department of our church. Those two experiences along with baby sitting, and landing a job in a day care facility myself led me into the nanny profession. For nearly ten years I've been a professional nanny raising and caring for infants, newborns, twins, "tweens," and even adopted children (many of which are still a part of my life today). This profession has brought about some of the most amazing experiences in my life.  I've met so many people who are passionate about this job the way that I am which inspires me to help those passionate about this profession find families needing that kind of care. I have had the children of very well known celebrities, top executives, entrepreneurs, authors, doctors and lawyers in my care. I've spent more time at my job than I have in my own home working overnights, traveling with families across the U.S and planning events, doctors appointments and more! Nothing has prepared me more for being a nanny placement specialist and childcare expert than being a nanny myself. My clients today hold the same/similar positions of my former employers. I know what it takes to work for the wealthy and well established and today I share implement all that I've learned throughout my years of nannying, on Television, and in my business. You can watch me on the ABC network here in San Antonio discussing topics such as fun hacks for the kiddos, travel products/tips for children, sensory crafts/activities, parent products, mommy must haves, gifts to make with the kiddos, healthy ways to discipline your children, as well as numerous from top brands like jujube, tula baby carriers, innobaby, and more!

What started out as something I would do whenever I'd meet other nannies and parents looking for some form of childcare in their home has now become a rewarding career, and if it weren't for nannying and my love for helping others, I wouldn't have the skills required to be able to find the perfect child care option for families today. 

No Other Nanny serves as the trusted one stop shop for customized childcare. 


Nanny Placement and Child Safety Specialist 


no other nanny

Families hire me to find their nanny because they discover responsible individuals with energy, experience, confidence, and creativity. Our nannies do not take their job lightly at all. You can rest assured that you will find someone not only safe but well equipped for all that this profession brings.

the nanny box

Appreciation and celebrating nannies are the key ingredients of The Nanny Box. It is the first and only lifestyle box for nannies, and the perfect treat to their self or gift from their employer. 


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Whether I'm playing around in paint, or raving about a new product discovering that I love, watch me on ABC as I share fun and valuable resources beneficial to families, and caregivers!